Mental Health Awareness week 18-24 May – Kindness

It is Mental Health Awareness week!!  Hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, Mental Health Awareness Week will take place from 18-24 May 2020. The theme is kindness, and this is so relevant for us all amidst the current Corona-virus crisis. In fact, it is so important at any time.

We know that kindness and our mental health are deeply connected. Simple acts of kindness can shape and totally transform someone’s day. It can be a smile, a helping hand, or someone who asks “How are you?” and genuinely wants to know your answer. Research shows that kindness is an antidote to isolation and creates a sense of belonging. It helps reduce stress, brings a fresh perspective, and deepens friendships. Kindness to ourselves can prevent shame from corroding our sense of identity and help boost our self-esteem. Kindness can even improve feelings of confidence and optimism.

Lyn Harte, School Liaison Officer at Resilient Rutland comments: “To support Mental Health Week, I have created a number of resources which offer activities designed to support sharing kindness in our community this week and every week. The four areas covered are Kindness in the Community, My Kindness Diary, Inspired by Kindness and a Kindness Tree. The resources can be used by both schools and parents and can be found on our website”.

Please do share with us all any kindness activities you are involved in. Tag us on Twitter @ResRutland

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